Blogging for the Blogger

Have you been given the task of writing a blog? Where do you start? Kelso Consulting Australia will take away the stress and the angst that comes with writing blogs. 

A Blog is a weblog (article or news posting) that is uploaded to a business website and/or social media pages on a consistent basis.  

The Blog complements the services or products that a business sells.  It is information targeted at existing or potential customers.  

It is important that SEO keywords are included in the text so that the business has a higher level of exposure on the internet.

The more frequent the blog and the placement of SEO keywords, the better the website will rank in the search engines.

But, many businesses fall into the trap of starting out great, blogging consistently. Then real, paid work gets in the way. The blog gets later and later. Before you know, it has been months since you have written a blog.

Stop stressing about being late with your blogs.  A solution is at hand.

Never Be Late with Your Blogs Again!

Kelso Consulting Australia can assist with the writing of your blogs.  We will do this by:

  1. Writing the blog in your voice; no one will ever know it has been written by someone else.
  2. Write blogs on the topics of your choosing.
  3. Include provided keywords throughout the blog to ensure full optimisation.
  4. Write a selection of blogs in advance, ready to be uploaded at your convenience.
  5. Provide to you quality, professionally written blogs - every time.

If this sounds like what you are looking for. Give us a call, and we will discuss with you how you never have to write a blog again.