Community Services

We believe strongly in supporting the community to which we belong. As a new small business, we can't always afford to donate money. So, instead, we give our time and share our skills. KCA is proud of the opportunities we have already had to help our community.  

Mentor for Growth Program - Kelso Consulting Australia
Mentor for Growth Program
Celebrate Small Business Week
Shortly after starting KCA, Maree registered as a mentor for the Queensland State Government Small Business Mentor for Growth Program. This program offers small businesses access to a panel of volunteer business experts. This panel meets with a small business that needs advice on challenges they are facing in their business.

Maree volunteers her time to the M4G program in South East Queensland. She finds this very rewarding especially when a business owner comes into the meeting feeling overwhelmed or confused. They then walk out with options and relevant advice on how they can overcome their challenge.
To celebrate the Small Business Week in Brisbane KCA organised a free Picnic in the Park for small businesses. This was an opportunity for small businesses to mix with other small businesses in a social atmosphere. The day out was planned for Friday the 19th May at Rocks Riverside Park, Seventeen Mile Rocks.

We'd arranged fun activities, food, and a coffee van. We expected about 50 business owners to attend what should have been a great day out. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to the inclement weather on that day. We hope to rebook this event in the future.
Cruise Control Car Pool Group - Kelso Consulting Australia
Reading and Writing Program for the Elderly - Kelso Consulting Australia
Cruise Control Car Pool Group
Future Reading & Writing Program
We have recently created a new Facebook group called Cruise Control Car Pooling. This is a page open to the public. They can offer empty seats in their vehicle to others travelling in the same direction. It also allows people to post requests for rides.

This is a free group open to the public and is sponsored by KCA. The idea is to reduce peak hour traffic and greenhouse gas emissions. 

We're currently putting together a reading and writing program and will be speaking with retirement villages and nursing homes in the Brisbane region about this. Our goal is to attend one day a week, voluntary, where we will read for an hour to a group of residents. The books will be both classics and modern-day stories from a variety of genres.

We also want to look at offering our writing services to help the residents write letters to their family or friends. Our research has shown that this is especially needed at important holidays during the year. This program is still in early planning stages, but we hope to have this in place before the end of 2017.