Tender Writing

Tender Documents and Expressions of Interest are critical if you want your business to grow. Getting it right and winning the project is not easy.  You know you can do the job, but how do you put this on paper? Stop rolling the dice when submitting a tender. Let Kelso Consulting Australia help you present a professional, project winning tender document.

Since 2010 Maree Moreland, working for a construction company, was responsible for content writing and editing of tenders to various government departments. Approximately 80% of the submitted tenders were successful. The 20% that were not successful were rejected based on price or factors not related to the submitted documents.

Beginner's Guide to Tendering

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Where Do I Find Tender Opportunities?

Who Should Apply for Tenders?

What is Important When Writing Tenders?

 There are many opportunities for every business type, and they are not that hard to find.

The first thing that you should do is register with the Federal, State and Local Government tender websites. Registration on these sites is free.

There are also a number of private tender websites, but registration is at a cost.

Setting an alert on the tender websites ensures that you never miss an opportunity.

We have provided some links to the government tender sites below for you.

Another place to find tenders is in your local newspaper classified section.
It is often a misconception that tenders and expressions of interest are only for construction or mining businesses. Government Tenders are available for every business type.

Whether you have a product or a service, there will be a government department or large corporation that needs your business.

If you are not looking at tender opportunities, then you are missing out.

Register on the free government websites, enter your business category and key words, and you will be surprised at what opportunities are available to you.
No two tenders are identical.  It is important that you treat each one individually. Here are a few essential tips on what you must do when submitting a tender response.

  1. Read every word of every document included in with the tender. Highlight any key points. Especially the selection criteria.
  2. Ask questions about any part of the tender that you need clarifying.
  3. Answer every single question. If it is not applicable, say "Not Applicable".
  4. Submit the tender at least half an hour before the deadline. Uploading documents can sometimes take a while. Late tenders are noncompliant.