LOL! Lessons On Life

LOL! Lessons on Life

How to Walk Forward in Life
and Succeed

​By LM Moreland

LOL Lessons on Life
 Life for a teenager growing into a young adult is not easy. It has never been easy, no matter what generation you are from. There are so many questions that need to be answered and decisions that need to be made in those final years of school. It is all so confusing.

On top of this, there are personal issues to deal with. Puberty, Peer Pressure, Bullies, Exams and Study, Career Choices, Socialising and Love. There are hurdles that need to be jumped and roads that need to be navigated by a young adult.

If you are in the final years of high school or recently left, this is an amazing time of your life. If it is not amazing, then let's work together to make it so.

LOL! Lessons on Life is a book to help young adults to become the best that they can be. It is possible for you to enjoy life, have good friends, and have a great future. It is up to you though. Are you willing to try? 

This book is a guide for young adults. It helps them through the most important parts of their life from finishing school to getting a job, falling in love, moving out of home, buying a car, looking after themselves, presentation and how to deal with being in trouble.

This book is written by a mother wanting to give a hug to every child that is struggling with the hurdles that life throws at it.

It would be good to be able to go back and put an old head on young shoulders, but this is not possible. We cannot go back we can only move forward. That's what you must do too. 
In Australia, we have a very peculiar animal, the Emu. An emu, while being like an ostrich, has a unique feature. It cannot walk backwards!

Ernie the Emu will appear throughout this book to make sure that everything you do from this point on, like an emu, is a forward movement.

Don't let your past rule your future. No more excuses, go for it.

I hope that this book helps you to realise your goals in life and helps you to be the best that you can be.

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Book Review - What People Are Saying About This Book

"I loved it from the second I opened it. I don't read anything, but this has me hooked."
"Wow, what a great book!!!!! I love it! I love the simple but straight-forward exercises. I couldn’t put it down!! "
"This is an incredible book! I am deeply impressed. One of the many qualities I loved about this book is that I didn’t feel preached at when I read it. It comes across as a well-researched piece full of practical information and life wisdom. I enjoy your tone of writing and I can feel how much you care in the words. I can’t wait for this to be published."
"I love the content. I would have benefited in having a book like this when I was young as there was so much I didn’t know! The education system and parenting haven’t changed a great deal over the decades, so I imagine this book will be great for so many young people out there. Well done!"

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LOL Lessons on Life
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