Customised Training​​

The Adventure in Life is to Learn!

We believe in the phrase "You should learn something new every day, if you don't you have wasted your day.”

Education is an essential component of every aspect of our life, both business and personal. We firmly believe that with the right skills, any person or company can achieve success.

Kelso Consulting Australia has more than 20 years’ experience in conducting training workshops, one on one training of staff, and group training.
Our experience has shown that sending a single employee to a training workshop will NOT improve your business. Yes, it will give skills to that one employee. However, how efficient will that employee be in trying to implement these new skills into your business? There is a very high chance that within a week of attending the newly learned skills will be forgotten.
The most efficient way to train your team is for everyone to attend the same training workshop.
Our experienced and professional trainers will provide quality content and skills that you can action immediately in your workplace. We will customise a workshop specifically for your needs. We will train your team on the specific skills you require. We can offer a variety of topics. The most popular are:

Click on the above course that interests you and download the relevant training brochure. New courses are being created and added regularly.

If the training you need is not listed above, give us a call, and we will let you know if we can create a customised workshop specifically for your needs.

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    Business Training - Learn Skills You Can Put Into Action Immediately
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    Call us today. We will arrange customised training for your team
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    Our training will make your business stand out from the pack.
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    Our training will tick all the boxes
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    Quality Training for Your Team
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    Maree Moreland - Your Training Specialist

"Really appreciate the course and all I've been taught by Maree.
She is a very personable teacher and explains how to practically apply lessons." 
Jodie G - 
Customer Service Fundamentals 8/12/16

"Great general overview for someone looking to enter the market. Good feedback to questions etc. Very well structured - made sense in the way it was presented."
Glenn W - 
Tender Writing Essentials

"There are so many opportunities for businesses to tender but many believe it to be overwhelming - just go for it! Take this course."
Caroline B
Tender Writing Essentials
Training of staff can be difficult for small-medium business. How can you afford to have your team attending a training workshop? They need to be doing their job; you need them to work every day.

Training your team is an investment. Yes, it will cost money and time. However, your team will learn skills that will improve your business, and make you more money.

Our customised workshops are usually only a half day, so your team can still work that day. If you have a large team, we can run two 1/2-day workshops. Send half your team to the first workshop and the other half to the second. We will customise this training so that the impact to your business is minimal. 

Invest in your team and your business today.

Call us, and we will meet with you to determine your exact requirements for training.

Don't wait another minute - upskill your team today.