Our Video Gallery

 We are constantly looking at ways that we can share information about us and what we do with our clients.  An excellent way to do this is with the use of video. 

We now have our own YouTube channel where we upload our videos.   But, you can also view the most recent on this page.   Come back from time to time, so that you can check out what's new or subscribe to our channel. 

KCA - Your Writing & Training Specialists

This video was created to provide information to our clients about what we do. We are the writing and training specialists, and we want to help your business be successful. 

Diversify Income and Tendering Opportunities

Are you looking for ways that you can diversify your income? Have you ever considered tendering opportunities?  There are many projects that you are missing out on if you are not considering either of the above. We can write those tenders for you, or we can train you on how to write them yourself. 

KCA - Who We Are and
What We Do?

This video gives you an insight into our business. It will explain to you some of the services that we offer.

Our Vision is clear - we want to be recognised as a trustworthy and proficient corporate writing and training business providing quality training and winning documents to our clients throughout Australia."

Is Time Managing You, Or
Are You Managing Time?

Do you often hear yourself saying:
“There is never enough time in the day”? Well, guess what, you have the same amount of time as everyone else does to get your work done.

. Managing your time and your work is not an easy thing. Especially if you are in a very busy role or if you are a sole trader doing it all yourself.

Let us help you to manage your time better.

Customer Service Training

We have all walked into a business and walked out feeling confused, depressed and just plain angry. It is usually because of the way we were treated as a customer of that business. Customer service is something that seems to have been forgotten in many businesses, and we want to make a change.

If your customers are complaining about their service, your staff are unhappy, and your sales are dropping you may want to consider arranging Customer Service training for you and your team.