Business Writing

Quality business writing is essential to every business. It affects the image you portray to your existing and new clients, and the ability to win new work.

Have you ever read a document and it is either uninspiring or full of spelling errors? Poorly written documents give an unprofessional and uneducated impression on the reader. Ensure that your documents have been edited and proofread by a professional before sending them out. Even the best writers need someone to look over their work. When you get too close to your work or have been working on a document for a long time, you will cease to see the errors.

If you find yourself without the time or the skills to write your business documents, call us. Kelso Consulting Australia can help you with that document. Let us do the writing so that you can get on with business. 

  1. Tender Writing
    Tender Documents and Expressions of Interest are critical if you want your business to grow. Getting it right and winning the project is not easy. You know you can do the job, but how do you put this on paper? Stop rolling the dice when submitting a tender. Let Kelso Consulting Australia help you present a professional, project winning tender document.
  2. Blogs and Articles
    Have you been given the task of writing a blog? Where do you start? Kelso Consulting Australia will take away the stress and the angst that comes with writing blogs. We write blogs in your voice on whatever topic you choose. Don't ever be late again with your blogging.
  3. Website Content
    Quality, well written, website content will attract more sales! Kelso Consulting Australia can write, edit, proofread your content before it goes live. We can also look at your existing website and make your content sing.
  4. Capability Statement
    Capability Statement has become a vital tool for any business wanting to work for government departments or large corporations. It is an excellent marketing tool for all businesses. Kelso Consulting Australia has the experience in writing quality Capability Statements.
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